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Dr. MJ
Founder Mankaa Academy  

Compared to the vastness of time, we have a very short stint on Earth and I believe in making it count to the utmost! Towards this end, I have continuously tried to hone my skills, learning more and more modalities.

At a professional level, I have done Management studies & have also done a doctorship in Naturopathy. In total, I have approximately sixteen years of work experience in different organizations and MNCs. My last assignment was with an Holistic Healing Organisation, where I worked for almost six and a half years, as General Manager.  During my working tenure, I have been awarded many times for my performance, achievements and management skills. 


Currently I am a member of INO (International Naturopathy Organization).

I have learnt many alternate healing modalities and utilised them all on a personal level, as I am a very logical person, so before recommending any science to others I prefer to understand the value the other would gain from its application.


I therefore use myself as a subject and practice on a regular basis. Learning different things, I happened to come across Graphology & Numerology a few years back and after knowing the potential of the subject, I learnt its many other advance levels from National and International Institutions. With constant practice, I have become quite confident and introduced it to others, assisting them to gain a victory over the drawbacks in their lives, as I  had seen its positive or rather say, powerful impact on my own life. MANKAA happened in my life few months before pandemic and earlier it was Mankaa "The Soulful Journey". during pandemic formed an Academy where people can experience the strength of these sciences and named it Mankaa Academy "Institute of Allied Ssciences". At present we provide consultation through Graphology: Handwriting & Signatures corrections, Numerology, Karma Alignment, Astrology, Logo, Business cards, Wristwatch therapy, Drawing & Doodle Analysis. Along with this, we also conduct workshops on different subjects like Graphology professional course, Modern Chaldean, Numerology, Vedic Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology, Pythagorean or Western Numerology, Loshu Numerology, Mobile Numerology,  Wristwatch Watch Analysis & Therapy, Logo Analysis, Business card, Drawing & Doodle Analysis, Vision Board with a scientific approach in connection to Law of attraction etc.


I believe learning is an ongoing process, life itself is a class, so am just enjoying the journey!  One thing is predominant in my mind that this is just a beginning, I still have many milestones to achieve!

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