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Services Offered


Logo Designing

Logo is the identity of any business, an appealing logo build the brand. In terms of getting a perfect logo we do the analysis of company owner's birth details, partner's details, numerological aspect, compatibility, element, direction, colour, letters, and shape etc. 

For workshop / consultation

Contact us : 9667561375



Handwriting & Signatures Analysis Professional Course. (Gestalt/Macro analysis + Trait Method/Micro Analysis + Signatures Analysis) 

Contact us for details 



Modern Chaldean + Vedic 

To join workshop or to get Numerology consultation pls contact us 9667561375


Mobile Numerology

Mobile number is a vibration we carry 24X7 it is very important to get the complete assessment and guidance on Mobile. 

To join workshop or consultation contact us on 9667561375


Pythagorean and Kabbalah Numerology 

Concept of Numerology is there in every culture, like Western and Hebrew system of numerology teach us. 

To know more about it and to learn these branches of Numerology contact us on 9667561375


Business card 

Business card workshop and consultation is based on the concepts of Numerology and Vastu. Every person wants to be successful in their area of work and business card is an approach to flourish in successful manner. 

For more detail and consultation contact us on 9667561375

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Change your Handwriting and Redesign your Brain powers. 

Alphabets and Numbers are part of our life, we were born on some date and our name has a spelling. In everyday's life we live in frequency of alphabets and numbers. When we align these frequency with our brain we achieve the desired goals of life. We are the creator of our destiny, believe in self. I changed my life now its your turn. 

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Missionary service:
free mass healing

Twice in a month 11:30 to 12 noon on Zoom online. Healing is been performed by 12-15 Reiki Grand Masters and Energy Healers. 

Contact to join group. 


Courses Offered


Vision Board: Advance Course

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