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Services Offered


Logo Designing

Book an appointment for the consultation to discuss the requirement for the logo.

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Graphology & Numerology Workshops

  1. Graphology - Basic and advance Courses. 

  2. Signature Designing. 

  3. Graphotherapy - Handwriting Corrections. 

  4. Advance Numerology Courses.

  5. Mobile Numerology - Vedic, Vastu and Chaldean System. 


Past life regression

(It is a process leading to a self- experience of going into the deeper levels of the mind to identify issues of life, fear, phobias, ailments, personal and professional blockages, financial problems, can also seek future guidance. Past, Present and future life regression)


Handwriting and signature analysis

One to one online session 


Handwriting and signature correction

Online/personalized session as per the drawbacks and requirements, we'll provide the necessary correction. As handwriting is the true tool with which we can re-design our life as per our requirement.


Numerology Consultation and remedies

  1. Name Spelling correction as per the DOB 

  2. Business Name spelling correction as per the Owner 

  3. Compatibility match (Business & Life Partner)

  4. House no, property address, business address, match& correction.

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Change your Handwriting and Redesign your Brain powers. 

Alphabets and Numbers are part of our life, we were born on some date and our name has a spelling. In everyday's life we live in frequency of alphabets and numbers. When we align these frequency with our brain we achieve the desired goals of life. We are the creator of our destiny, believe in self. I changed my life now its your turn. 

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Missionary service:

free mass healing

Twice in a month 11:30 to 12 noon on Zoom online. Healing is been performed by 12-15 Reiki Grand Masters and Energy Healers. 

Contact to join group. 

Courses Offered


Vision Board: Advance Course

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