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The Fury of Mother Earth in the form of COVID-19 (Corona)

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

"A Divine guided solution got during meditation can save lives of our loved ones - Read article till the end"

This is my true story - Dr. Malvka Jain (Mala).

Through all ages we have seen that Nature has a way of hitting back when things get out of hand...I believe the current corona virus situation is another such instance.

Mankind, in his selfishness has been raping the Earth for his own benefit with total disregard for her well being. A time had to come when he had to pay for his sins and it is now.

Our body system is created in such a way that our intestines - the gut flora which plays an important role in both our health and our vulnerability to disease - form its center. And the pulse of our Earth lies in its flora - the center of her well being, a flora that has been thoughtlessly slaughtered by a careless humanity.

The way we have destroyed her flora, she is now attacking our gut flora, attacking low immunity people, destroying them as we have destroyed her flora. That's her way of punishment, of revenge and this can be tapered only by seeking her forgiveness, doing mass healings to calm her down and promising to do things in her favor to create a healthier environment for her and for ourselves.

On 13th March '20 I was very much tensed, scared and was experiencing a lot of anxiety about the future due to the rising cases of Corona in India. The whole day i was focused on watching tv news, hearing about more and more cases, thinking about the deteriorating condition.

Before sleeping that night I did a healing for the Corona situation....when I was deep in healing I reached a blank space where there was no thought. It was as if I was in complete darkness but suddenly a rectangular, vertical black face in neon green light became visible. It was very scary and I could easily make out that the face had very very angry eyes. Immediately the word SORRY started echoing in my thoughts and I found myself repeating it continuously a number of times. As i did so I realized that those neon eyes had started to become a little dull and even emotional. I got the sense that this was the center of Mother Earth, who was very angry due to the torture humans were inflicting on her and she was displaying her anger, toxicity, negativity, hatred, all of which were showing up in the form of this disaster Corona. I could feel that Mother Earth was so annoyed that she was being forced to retaliate by blasting humanity.

In this continuous meditation cum healing session, mentally I started communicating and praying please Mother Earth calm down! On behalf of entire mankind I seek your forgiveness, you have taught us a lesson, we have gained wisdom now and will maintain the positive rules of Nature...kindly calm down and forgive us all!

As these heartfelt words bubbled up from deep within myself, I literally felt those eyes becoming duller and duller, quieter, slowly fading into darkness and then into nothingness, only a total blackout remained.

I tried finding those eyes but couldn't see them again...since that day, every day I have been seeking forgiveness from Mother Earth, praying.

But then realised that it's not enough for only one person to do so, the forgiveness prayers have to be done by us all, for all of us are responsible for the damage done to our Earth. People need to understand that if we humans regard ourselves as the most intelligent creatures on earth, we need to accept responsibility for our wrongdoings and the necessity to apologise to Mother earth and start nurturing her.

We each of us have to take responsibility and that's why I have felt compelled to create this post and spread awareness, so that people realise their mistake of hurting Mother Earth and take the basic step of seeking her forgiveness.

Maa Prakarti, we apologise and seek your blessings and protective us to be wise enough to awaken and take steps to maintain the ecological system. 🙏🙏🙏 Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

(Concentrate for 17 sec on this prayer by closing your eyes & each time when you focus visualise a healthy & beautiful Earth with healthy & happy you, your family, surroundings and entire world is healthy & at peace with Mother Earth - You can perform this prayer several times in a day, no place, no time, no religion, no country, no racial restrictions at all...if you are a healer can perform healings along with this prayer) Gratitude.

Dr. Malvka Jain

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